How To Buy Shoes For Children

Buying shoes for children can be a daunting task. At a stage where they’re constantly growing, you don’t want to purchase a pair of shoes for the child to then grow out of within a month!

When purchasing shoes, make sure the assistant measures your child’s feet. The child must be standing up straight, so the right measurement can be found.

When selecting a shoe, keep a distance of 3cm between the toe and end of the shoe. This will allow comfort and also room to grow in the future. To test this out, put your finger between the back of your child’s foot and shoe. It should fit nicely, if not then it’s too tight.

Kids Fashion Trends For Fall/Winter

Yes it is still technically summer, but you need to slowly start preparing for Autumn/Winter, it’s not exactly too far away! Knowing how to style your child with the right clothes can be daunting, but fear not… this post is here to help!

Of course you need to think about style, but don’t forget you’re dressing a child – it needs to be practical! Prepare them with warm, but beautiful clothes. Think rich fabrics… for a girl, a brocade miniskirt with a simple t-shirt and cardigan works well.

For a boy, the tailored jersey trousers are becoming very popular again. Mostly due to the fact they’re comfortable and easy to wear. Camo trousers/jackets are also back in fashion again, and will look good with a white t-shirt.


Christening Dresses And Gowns For Children

Babies are blessings every parent deserves as they manifest the hope of humanity to continue gracing this beautiful planet. For many religious cultures, especially Christianity, the birth of a baby is often followed by baptismal ceremonies. During this period, the infant is dressed with beautiful white christening gowns to depict purity and removal of original sin.

The gowns can be worn for eight days before they are kept for the next baby. This tradition has been passed from generation to generation and still exists today. You can therefore encounter a variety of these gowns in today’s market produced by different designers and manufacturer. When looking for baptismal gowns for your baby, there are a number of considerations one must evaluate.

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What you NEED for a new-born baby – for summer

Having a baby in summer time makes life more difficult when it comes to buying baby clothes – especially for new parents. This is especially so if you live in the UK seeing as the weather is so unreliable. It could be raining and cold for weeks then suddenly a heat wave! The best thing to do is be prepared to shop if you need to! The amount of clothing you need will also be dependent on how often you plan to do washing! Here are a few ideas to get you started; you’re going to want to get several:

  • One-piece outfits (think 1 per day minimum) these are very convenient for new-borns seeing as they spend a lot of time sleeping (you may not agree with this!) and are not active. They are comfortable to sleep and also be taken places. These come in short sleeved or long sleeved, so for a British summer baby, best get some of each! These usually snap at the crotch.
  • Separates allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit, so they’re useful to have.  Look for T-shirts with snaps at the neck (so they slip easily over your child’s head) and leggings/pull on pants/shorts or skirts (with stretchy waistbands that fit easily over the diaper and tummy).
  • You’ll also want a summer hat, these are usually broad-brimmed so as to shade the baby’s face and neck from the sun.

Fashion for kids – Right on trend spring/summer 2014

From Cat prints to scribble prints and bright neon colours, its all out this summer! At the Bubble London Childs wear tradeshow for this season there were some fantastic items! Here are a few we wanted to cover:
The fun tiger print tights from Little Titans along with the cutest socks from Petites Pattes, teamed up with the Cat themed shoes from the Mini Melissa range (made famous for its collaboration with Vivienne Westwood!) really brought the fun into the sock/shoe section!
Little Titans and Slugs & Snails still showing off their boys tights – they are determined to get this into fashion – so why not support them?
With a retro twist we saw ‘No Added Sugar’ continue this feline them with their sweet themed print over several items and on an antique blue – a must have for your little one this summer!!
Lastly, we’re talking bubbles, bright colours and dresses – by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada! Gorgeous little dresses have come out for this summer.

The School Disco – What to Wear

Dressing your child for their first school disco can be quite strange but you have to remember that it is not a ball, and they don’t need or want to be dressed formally. The main thing is to make sure the children are comfortable and happy with what they’re wearing.

Jeans and a t-shirts will be more than suitable for a boy, yet a girl may want to wear their favourite dress, and that’s fine too. The main rule is to make sure your child doesn’t stand out too much, so you may want to advise them against wearing their Spiderman costume, but any comfortable, casual clothes are fine.

A school disco is something to celebrate and it’s usually at the end of term so remember it’s all about fun, which is why shirts, trousers and shoes should be avoided.

Christening Outfits – Choosing The Right One

Parents always look forward to a child’s baptism or christening ceremony. This event holds a special place in culture as well as religion. One of the most important things to think about is the christening outfits. Due to its huge symbolism, parents will go the extra mile to make certain the child is well dressed. When determining the right garment, guardians or parents will normally consider the following aspects:

White or Ivory

Unlike other events held in honour of a child, christening and baptism usually focus on two main colours; white and ivory. These two colours bring out a sacred and religious appeal. Generally, white will come in a wide range of designs due to its easy availability. On the other hand, although ivory is not as common as white, it has a unique appeal thus making the event one-of-its-kind.

Traditional or Modern Suit

Parents may be hard tasked in deciding whether to go for the traditional gown or tryout a new design. Many opt to stick to the family tradition that has been followed for many centuries. Others may desire to try out something new. Whichever the decision, it is important for the garment to be representative of the occasion. The outfit may comprise of a tuxedo, three, four or five piece suits, or even some knickers.

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Quirky Baby Bibs

Every baby should have a set of bibs and it basically prevents everyday stains to your baby’s clothing. A bib doesn’t have to be plain though, and there are many different quirky designs to choose from. You could buy a set of bibs with a favourite cartoon character on them, or your baby’s favourite colour.

Dribble bibs are made of soft brushed cotton and they are strong enough to keep fluids from leaking onto a baby’s back or chest. It’s easy to find bibs that match your baby’s personality and they tend to be used daily so it’s never enough to just have a couple of bibs, it’s always beneficial to have a large range, and there are so many different styles, colours and designs to choose from.

A bib makes a parent’s life a whole lot easier, and a little bit of thought and consideration when you’re buying your baby’s bibs will go a long way.

A Summer Baby Outfit

Parents are conscious about protecting their baby’s skin in the summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cover the child up in a hot uncomfortable jumper and trousers. With sun block applied you can dress your baby in a summer outfit; perhaps a dress for a girl or shorts and t-shirts off a baby boy.

It’s important o be able to find the balanced between comfortable clothing and protective clothing, especially when the temperatures are extremely high. It’s also important to dress babies like babies and not like adults, and you don’t have to keep outfits completely boring. Bright colours may keep a grin on your baby’s face and whether you opt for a dress, shorts, you should always make sure it’s comfortable, light and airy.

Summer outfits for your baby are easy to find in the shops and shelves but think about your child, their unique style and their needs before you waste money on an uncomfortable, summer outfit that brings a frown to your baby’s face.

Maintaining School Clothes

School clothing becomes a real issue for parents, and it can actually take up a great deal of time maintaining school uniforms, and making sure you child has a fresh set for the next day. There are going to be the odd few days when a child returns home with messy clothing, perhaps stains and marks or the occasional hole.

Maintaining a school uniform requires skill, and a fair bit of your time. Always use the washer settings that the label outlines, and if you haven’t learned how to iron as a parent then now’s the time, because it’s nice for a child to step into a well presented iron, rather than one that looks as though it’s come straight off the bedroom floor.

The more uniforms you have for the child the better, but of course this means more money. The first years of school can be tough, and if you want your child to head in to school being presented exceptionally then make sure they have a well ironed, and nice clean outfit every morning.

  • Tie Dyed T Shirts

    Tie dyed t shirts have been in the fashion industry since the 1960s and these types of tops are still available today. You can decide between different patterns and colours while many people dye their own plain shirts.